Flat Stitching & Stapling Wire

warehouseDorstener Wire Drawing manufactures stitching and stapling wire in both flat and round specifications. Flat stitching and stapling wire is used by the packaging, bookbinding and printing industries. DWD’s CLASSICBIND® line of wire provides superior performance in stapling and bookbinding machinery. DWD manufactures both standard and custom flat stitching and stapling wire.

In addition, we manufacture wire spools to ensure that wire flows free and even to your machinery. As spool dimensions can impact wire performance and cast of the wire, please consult with our staff to select the correct spool for your application.

Our wire products are generally shipped within 24 hours of your order, allowing you to manage your production schedules efficiently and save on inventory costs. DWD’s flat wire is CPSIA (lead-free) compliant.

The DWD staff is available to help you select the most effective flat stitching and stapling wire for you application. The tables below show standard specifications for flat wire and spools.

Flat Wire

Wire Diameter Sizes in (mm) Size in (inches) Feet per Pound Recommended Thickness of work
18 x 20 1.21 X 0.88 .047 X .035 221 5/8″ – 2″
19 x 21.5 1.04 X 0.76 .041 X .030 283 1/2″ – 1″
20 x 24 0.88 X 0.58 .035 X .023 408 Up to 3/16″
20 x 25 0.88 X 0.52 .0.35 X .021 455 1/8″ – 5/8″
21 x 25 0.81 X 0.52 .032 X .035 559 1/16″ -1/2″

*The recommended thickness of work also depends on the type and grade of paper used.

Spool Sizes

Spool Size in lbs. Flange Dia. “A” Traverse Outside “B” Barrel Dia. “C” Arbor Hole Dia. Spool Material
5 5.25″ 2.75″ 3.50″ .625″ Plastic

5lb-spoolsOther Spool Sizes Available Upon Request.

Documentation Downloads:

DWD Wire Gauge & Stitch Calculator (Round and Flat) – MS Excel File

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