Binding & De-Spooling Accessories

De-spoolerDorstener Wire Drawing offers a line of superior de-spooling equipment designed to provide trouble-free wire handling.

Our de-spooling equipment works in conjunction with your equipment, preventing tangles and de-spooling after the stitching unit shuts down. Its flexible design allows for the use of different size spools and connects to most existing stitching equipment. DWD’s de-spoolers help protect the spool and wire by preventing tangles and operation after equipment shut-down. The flexible design allows for economical operation of your bindery equipment and production runs.

Features of DWD’s de-spooling equipment include:

  • No More Tangled Spools – our superior design allows wire to feed freely without binding or falling off the spool. Wire feeds smoothly to the stitching unit.
  • Adapts to various spool sizes – the unit can accommodate different spool sizes for different jobs.
  • Works on most stitching equipment – our de-spooling equipment can be connected to your existing stitching equipment.
  • Simple and easy to set up – our design makes it easy to switch spools and get your jobs running quickly.

DWD Wire Trolly with SpoolSpools are available in 35, 70, 200 and 1,000 lb. spools. Custom models are available for specialized operations.


DWD offers transport carts to provide transport and unloading of standard 200 lb. spools, allowing you to move spools directly from the pallet to the de-spooling equipment.

DWD is ISO 9001:2008 certified. If you have a need for a de-spooler, give one of our experienced representatives a call today!

EASYDRUMEASYDRUM™ is a high capacity (650 lbs.) torsion free wire containment and delivery system which yields reduced downtime, less operator influence and insures trouble free operation. It is available in all popular wire sizes.

EASYDRUM™ is ideal for on-press and high-speed saddle stitching.

EASYDRUM™ protects wire from dust and dirt and the drum casters make it easy to move.


Documentation Downloads:

EASYDRUM™ Installation Instructions

De-Spooler 35-70 Instructions & Conversion

De-Spooler 200 Instruction

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