Wire Coatings & Performance Options

In today’s printing industry, it is critical to run high performance equipment at capacity. DWD’s POWERBIND® Stitching Wire and CLASSICBIND® Bookbinders Wire brands of high quality stitching wire are designed to provide your saddle stitchers with problem-free spooled wire so the bindery lines can run at their quoted capacity.

Magazine BindingPOWERBIND® is DWD’s answer to the requirements of high-speed stitching equipment. It is a low carbon wire that performs like a high carbon wire, but is more ductile and forgiving on stitching heads and components. This unique wire provides a reduced wire diameter without sacrificing strength. This wire was specifically developed to handle the demand of in line stitchers and high speed saddle stitchers.

Dorstener’s stitching wires are available in 304 and 316 stainless steel, high-temperature nickel alloys and a selection of custom alloys. Stainless steel alloys are available in various tensile strengths to meet your exact requirements.

DWD offers the following coatings for its stapling and stitching wire products:

  • Galvanized/Zinc Coated stitching wire is high quality wire with a clean, bright finish. DWD’s unique process provides a uniform surface with no flaking consistently for each spool. Dorstener utilizes state of the art equipment to insure a smooth uniform finish.
  • Tinned coated stitching wire is produced using a similar process to the galvanized wire, and has the same high quality attributes. It has a gold tint. It is commonly used in applications such as spiral notebooks, and children’s books.
  • Nylon coated wire provides color for specialty binding applications. It is available in a variety of colors.

All of Dorstener’s stitching wire products are lead free compliant according to CPSIA standards. Dorstener’s staff will work with you to help determine the appropriate alloy, tensile strength and coating for your specific binding application.

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