POWERBIND™ Stitching Wire


POWERBIND™ is stronger providing better penetration for thick books or difficult papers.
POWERBIND™ allows the use of smaller diamtere wire sizes.
POWERBIND™ runs cleaner reducing machine maintainance and downtime.
POWERBIND™ forms tighter stitches and better formation for specialty stitches such as Loop and Safety stiches.
POWERBIND™ will cost less and will generate more profit from your stitching operation.
POWERBIND™ wire is CPSIA (lead-free) compliant.


POWERBIND™ can increase profit by:
1. Lower wire cost.
3. Reduced maintenance cost.
4. Reduced production downtime.
5. Increased production throughput.


  • A wire gauge reduction in size from 24ga. to 25ga. can produce up to 20% more 1” stitches per pound at a cost per pound of $1.50/lb. You can save $ .30 per pound!
  • A 10 minute reduction of downtime per shift can save up to $8,000.00 per shift annually!
  • Smaller diameter wire will reduce wire build up for optimum book and bundle quality.

Compare POWERBIND™ to see how you can save money and increase profits with POWERBIND™



EASYDRUM™ is a high capacity (650 lbs.) wire containment and delivery system available in all stitching wire sizes.

EASYDRUM™ is mobile and can be easily rolled into position with the use of our drum dolly. This is especially helpful when installed in space restricted areas.

EASYDRUM™ wire is torsion free, straight wire without cast (curvature) required for spooled wire.

EASYDRUM™ eliminates the wire twisting which occurs when de spooling cast wire from spools.

EASYDRUM™ is ideal for on-press and high-speed saddle stitching and requires minimal installation space.

EASYDRUM™ protects wire from dust and dirt.

EASYDRUM™ reduces downtime, less operator influence and insures trouble free operation.

EASYDRUM™ can typically ship within 24 hours of the order, allowing you to manage your production schedules efficiently and save on inventory costs.

Our DWD staff is available and happy to offer assistance to help you with any questions on EASYDRUM™ or to select the most effective installation solution for you application.

POWERBIND vs Standard Stitching Wire
Proper packaging and spools are essential for product delivery and wire performance. DWD has several spool options to ensure a tangle free and even flow of stitching wire to your machinery. As spool dimensions can impact wire performance and cast of the wire, please consult with our staff to select the correct spool for your application.

DWD’s round wire is CPSIA (lead-free) compliant. Our stitching wire products are generally shipped within 24 hours of the order, allowing you to manage your production schedules efficiently and save on inventory costs.

The DWD staff is available to help you select the most effective round stitching and stapling wire for you application.

Documentation Downloads:

DWD Wire Gauge & Stitch Calculator – MS Excel File

EASYDRUM™ Installation Instructions